Tumbler Pigeons: A little background information on the remarkable Tumbler Pigeon

Tumbler Pigeon

A little background information on the remarkable Tumbler Pigeon

One of the most fascinating birds that make up the pigeon race is the Tumbler Pigeon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tumbler_pigeons).  If you were not aware, Tumbler Pigeons are direct descendant of the Rock dove. They have mass appeal, and out of all the classes of pigeons they remain in the top ten favorites for centuries. The Tumbler Pigeon is a crowd favorite at pigeon shows, as they are aptly named for their ability to “tumble” while flying.

The tumble in their names as you probably have guessed is based on their ability to tumble for the lack of a better word from side to side. You will also find this remarkable breed able to also tumble backwards which is most entertaining. One can only speculate but believed the tumble ability was originally a survival skill to avoid predators or prey.


Tumbler Pigeons are exotic and come in a wide range of varying specialty breeds.  They are diverse in color, body shape and feather configurations.  Their popularity is vast amongst pigeon enthusiast for their personality, antics, as well as their domestication as a pet.  They make excellent show pigeons.


The Tumbler Pigeon can be found globally and are frequently purchased by breeders. One fascinating trait of the tumbler pigeon is they are still evolving. The tumble pigeon have origins dating back as early as the 1500’s. Tumblers have over the centuries been specifically bred to bring out the most features and colorations possible.


Tumbler pigeon enthusiasts have re-energized the breed, as they are now training them to perform flying demonstrations. If you are looking for one of the most interesting and personable pigeon breeds, then look no further than the Tumbler Pigeon.