Roller Pigeons- A Brief Overview of the Fantastic Roller Pigeon

Roller Pigeon

If you are looking for an extraordinary bird then you need look any further than the Roller Pigeon.  It is one of the 500 domestic breeds of domestic pigeons, and goes by the formal name of Columbia Livia.  What makes this particular pigeon so fantastic is its aerobatic skill. The Roller Pigeon is able to climb to great heights in the air, and then suddenly somersault backwards.  The backwards rotation is in tight spins that resemble a ball. They can drop in this ball like somersault more than 150 feet.

Roller pigeons are one of the most energetic pigeon breeds, and are extremely popular due to their aerobatic skill as well their amazing colors.

Due to their abilities, it will not shock you to know that pigeon fanciers of the world are known to keep tens of thousands of Roller Pigeons.  The Roller Pigeon is a bred bird, and has changed over the years to selective breeding tactics.  This has vastly improved the quality of rolling of the rollers.  You will see them in kits that are usually comprised of 8 to 20 Roller Pigeons, who fly in tight compact formation and roll simultaneously.

It is important to note that all Roller Pigeons are not created equal.  You will find that not all roller strains will excel at deep rolling.  There are several different kind of Roller Pigeons, each with different set of strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, there is the Parlor rollers who typically don’t fly well. They roll on the ground and not the air.  The Birmingham rollers are proficient fliers. The Oriental rollers are suitable fliers but not proficient.  There are the show rollers, who are bred for visual attractiveness. They are not known for any rolling skills.

Out of all the pigeon breed the Roller Pigeon are one of the hardiest, and able to thrive in most climates.    Another great feature of the roller is that they require minimal maintenance as well. You will also find their diet to be quite simple. Their diet being just mixed grains and peas.  All in all, Roller Pigeons are one of the most entertaining and sought after of the pigeon breeds.