The Roller Pigeon and The Tumbler Pigeon: Are there really any differences?

The Roller Pigeon and The Tumbler Pigeon

For any pigeon fancier the roller pigeon and the tumbler pigeon rank in the top 10 for most desired pigeons.  Their desire is well deserved as they by far are some of the most fascinating and capable pigeon breeds.  Due to so many similar traits the question that can be proposed:  Is there really any differences between the Roller Pigeon and the Tumbler Pigeon?  I explore that very question in this post.  Unless you are a pigeon fancier you may not notice the difference between these two birds. However, there is one distinct fact that separates the two pigeons, which we will touch on in the latter part of this article. It is only fitting to begin with some of the characteristics of the three most popular Roller Pigeons.

They are the Birmingham Roller Pigeon, The Plate Roller Pigeon and the Medium Roller Pigeon. Each can have a book written on themselves, but for this article I will just go through the highlights of each.  I will begin with the Medium Roller Pigeon only due to personal preference of the three Roller Pigeons.

The Medium Roller Pigeon

I borrowed this term from an excellent article, written from the author of They have excellent information, and I would encourage you to visit their site. The Medium Roller Pigeon is able to do amazing erratic movements in all directions, and also able to roll in pristine style for several feet. If they perform in a kit, they pull off a spectacular show that one is forced to be amazed by.


The Plate Roller Pigeon

The Plate Roller Pigeon derives its name from its looks. It looks similar to a plate rotated in rapid motion.  They do not follow a direct course and they are distinctly similar to a classic Tumbler Pigeon.  On rare occasion you may see a somersault and its gyration. If properly trained, it can go downwards for a considerable amount of distance. Sadly, many fanciers do not follow this tumbler/roller pigeon.


The Birmingham Roller Pigeon

The Birmingham stands at the top of the pile in my humble opinion, although not my favorite.  It is noted for its exclusivity to turn over backwards and rotate with immense speed for long distances, downwards. Many feel it has no rival, as it is considered the king of all flying acrobats. They are highly intelligent, excellent fliers, and remain fantastically useful, even in old age.


My classification is for the Tumbler Pigeon, and to answer is there any difference between the two.  Truth is, the Tumbler Pigeon can really be anything. Many times rollers and tumblers are interchanged. But honestly, tumblers really don’t roll and spin. They are excellent for winning prizes. Compared to a Birmingham Roller Pigeon, they are subpar. They can turn and you can get an individual tumbler, with proper training perform to an equivalent standard (seen by the Plate Roller Pigeon). So in closing, is there any difference between the Roller and The Tumbler? The answer is an emphatic yes. However, this difference is only measured in comparison to the Birmingham Roller Pigeon.

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