Pigeon Food- Racing Pigeon diet during the 3 important Pigeon Racing Seasons.

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Pigeon Food– Racing Pigeon diet during the 3 important Pigeon Racing Seasons.

Whether you are just beginning, or a season fancier, once you decide to take on the sport of Pigeon racing you want to be the best.  As we all know the proper pigeon food is the fuel needed for maximum output of your pigeon.  Today’s post spotlights the 3 stages during the pigeon racing season and the diet and nutrition needed to be successful during each season.  For starters, let’s begin with identifying what the three seasons are.

  • Breeding Season
  • Molting/OFF Season
  • Training/ Racing Season

The right balance of combining protein, energy carbohydrates and of course minerals and vitamins are critical to your success.

In the Breeding Season more emphasis typically will be placed on carbohydrates and vitamins as to be expected with the right balance of protein is needed.  The importance of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins also take precedence during the training season as well.

All pigeon food should be tempered to consider age, sex, and what distance your pigeons will race. It makes a difference if they are short runners or long distance.  As stated in another post, the peanut is an excellent source of pigeon food.  It has so many great properties, especially for short burst of energy in races.  You should show care, not to overdo it, as it needs to be tempered in amounts and times of the week during the pigeon racing seasons.

Minerals and nutrients during the molting off season are huge, but again knowing the right balance and how to distribute correctly is pivotal.

One caveat to make things easier is most of the dietary elements can be obtained from the food which is packaged by the feed suppliers.  I can’t stress enough to get the balance exactly right.  Only with the right portions and balance will you be successful. So, to aid you with this task, check out this Risk Free Source:Pigeon Racing Masters Program