Pigeon Diseases: 4 Pigeon Diseases That Are Devastating for Breeding and Racing Pigeons

Pigeons Disease Symptoms

4 Pigeon Diseases That Are Devastating for Breeding and Racing Pigeons

Nothing could be more detrimental to your pigeon flock, your pigeon loft, yourself, and essentially your breeding and racing pigeons.  Due to the sheer magnitude of this problem, this post is dedicated to knowing how to treat some of the most problematic pigeon diseases.

Pigeon Diseases # 1  CANKER

Canker is a microscopic organism that lives in the digestive tract of pigeons.  This organism can only survive for a few minutes outside of the pigeon.  This pigeon disease spreads and is transmitted by  saliva or pigeon milk.

The most insidious of the two ways it can be transmitted is from saliva, as it can pass to other pigeons through food and water.

Essentially, as the pigeon drink canker swims away from its beak and when another pigeon comes to drink, it is passed on to that pigeon.  It can also be passed through saliva in the feed hopper. As a pigeon sorts through grain in feeding, saliva gets on other grains.

This problem can only exasperate during the breeding season as it is passed through feed stock pigeon feeds to its youngsters.

What is most unfortunate is there is no single program to stop the pigeon disease for all pigeon lofts.  You need to just use the correct medication, and work on prevention.

Here is a list of 4 medications that are available to combat the pigeon disease Canker

  • Dimetradazole
  • Carnadazole
  • Metronidazole
  • Ronidazole


Pigeon Disesases # 2  Round Worm and Hairworm

This particular pigeon disease are parasitic in nature and should be completely eradicated.  Round worm and Hair Worm live in the digestive tract of your pigeons and release eggs which manifest in your pigeon’s droppings.  What makes these worms especially hairworms so problematic is that they are microscopic.  They can only be diagnosed by microscopic examination of a waste sampling so the eggs can be seen.

One of the most effective treatments for hairworm and roundworm is Moxidectin.  It is perfectly safe to use during racing and breeding.  It has another great advantage that it eliminates any external parasites that feed off body fluid.  Your stock loft needs to be completely free from these worms.  Use Moxidectin twice every three weeks and clean thoroughly your pigeon loft after each treatment.


Pigeon Diseases # 3 COCCIDIA

Coccidia not only infect pigeons but a range of animals.  Coccidia type in pigeons is called Elimera sppOnce your pigeon swallows Coccidia it replicates in their cells and the process causes serious damage.  Coccidia weakens your pigeon and disrupts the absorption of vital nutrients.  You will notice it in your affected pigeons by weight loss, greenish diarrhea and unusual thirst.

The best drug to combat this pigeon disease is Toltrazuril Coccidiocide Solution.  An added bonus of this drug it can be used during breeding and racing.  You should apply 1 mil liter per 2 liters of water for approximately 2 to 3 days.


Pigeon Diseases # 4  HEXAMITA

Hexamita is a pigeon disease that is very similar to Canker.  It is known to cause diarrhea in your pigeons.  It appears and looks like the Canker organism but moves faster.  To treat this pigeon disease you can utilize the same drugs that kill Canker.  Or you can use a continuous 7 day course of Turbosole and simultaneously give to all your pigeons in your loft.