Pigeon Coop- 11 Steps and Supplies You Need to Create A Pigeon Coop

Pigeon Coop

Pigeon Coop- 11 Steps and Supplies You Need to Create A Pigeon Coop

Whether you have one pigeon you care for ,or a breeder for racing, the structure you have for your pigeon(s) is pivotal. For this fact, I will review some basics for a pigeon coop in this post.

If you are just getting started, you can’t go wrong with a 8X10 design for a Pigeon Coop.  It has all the basics forms to use and its versatile for racing.  However, there are state guidelines that have to be considered for each pigeon coop.   So check out http://abe.psu.edu/extension/idea-plans/poultry/ip-727-25  to ensure you meet compliance standards.

Depending on your handy man skills, you may want to consider building a basic pigeon coop layout on your own.  Here is a list of some of the items you will need to start with.


1)6 sheets  of plywood in measurement of possibly: 8 x10,  4×8(very basic pigeon coop dwelling), and 10 x 12 which fits most state guidelines (1 to 2 inches thick).

2) Yard Stick                                                                                                                             8) Pointed Screws

3) Marker                                                                                                                                       9) Box Wire

4) Hammer                                                                                                                                 10) Drill

5) 1 3/4-inch nails                                                                                                                    11) Screw Driver (electric)

6) 2 door hinges                                                                                                                       12) Door Fastener

  • Fencing staples

13) Basic Drawing or Blue Print of Pigeon Coop Design and Look

14) Hand Saw


  1. The first step is to begin with measuring. Depending on what size plywood you choose ,you are going to mark with dots.  Measure 1 or 2 inch increment along the plywood sheet.  You are then going to repeat the process on the opposite 4, 8, or 10 foot side(depending on your choice of size).  You need then need to pull out your yardstick and a marker,  draw straight lines utilizing the yardstick parallel to the 8,10, or 12 foot sides of the plywood sheet to connect opposite dots.
  2. You will then cut across the first two straight lines on the left of the sheet with a hand saw to give you two 1-inch by-8,10 or 12-foot pieces. (P.S. You will need to view this from an above or elevated position)
  3. Next you are going to lay two of the 4×8(8×10,or10 x12) plywood sheets on the ground. This is crucial so don’t forget to have the sheets lay directly next to each other, which will give you an 8 X 8 foot square(or 10 or 12 foot square depending on your size)
  4. Place the 1 inch by 8,10 or12 foot pieces over the two 8,10or 12 foot sides of the square which should be formed by the two adjacent 4 sides of the rectangles. Nail the pieces on the square with 1 ¾ inch nails to form the pigeon coop’s back wall.



5. You are then going to place a 4 x 8(or whatever size you choose) plywood sheet directly next to a side of the 8x 8 foot square. The plywood sheet needs to be held upright and should be standing on its 8 foot side.  You are then going to nail it on the square.  You will then need to repeat the last step outlined with another 4 x 8 plywood sheet on the opposite side of the square to form the pigeon coop’s side walls.

6. Your next step would be to place the last untouched 4 x 8 foot plywood sheet over an edge of the 8 x 8 foot square and between the side walls. You will then nail the sheet on the square and the side walls to complete the pigeon coops roof.

7.  You will now need to lift the Pigeon Coop. Cut out two more 1 inch by 8 foot pieces from the initial plywood sheet, along with two 1 inch by 3 foot rectangles.  Nail the rectangles together which should form an open 3 X 8 foot rectangle which will serve as a door.  (Remember these measurements are only for 4 X 8 design; for a larger size your measurements will be different).

8. Next step is to place the door directly next to the left side wall. You will need to screw in the pointed screws to fix two door hinges on the left side wall and the door.  A electric screw driver should make the job faster and easier.

9. You are then going to cut out another two 1 inch by 8 foot rectangles. Next cut a 1 inch by 5 foot rectangle.  You will nail the rectangles to form a double TT like shape(TT), with the 8 foot sides being parallel to each other.

10. Your next step will be to place the TT shape next to the door so it can simultaneously have its 5 foot side is on the ground, one of the 8 foot side directly next to the door and the other 8 foot side directly next to the right side wall. You will then need to nail the TT shape in place.  After screw a door fastener device on the right side and its adjacent 8-foot side of the TT shape.

11. Your final step is to cover the front of the pigeon coop including the door. You can accomplish this by utilizing some wire and fencing staples to keep it in place.