Pigeon Chat

Pigeon Chat

Pigeon chat: If you are a member of the pigeon community this phrase is familiar to you as your favorite coffee shop. For the pigeon enthusiast, pigeon chat is a way of life, a place to get as much information as possible on pigeons. In this post I am  going to briefly outline some of the most popular pigeon chat platforms. On top of the list is no other than http://www.pigeon-chat.com/ucp.php?mode=register&sid=943692a53c13f77e17d763d49932a6bb. This forum platform is incredible, everything you want to know or care to post about pigeons. It allows you to get information to your most pressing questions, from pigeon enthusiasts globally. Registration is easy and topics range from breeding, racing diet, you name it.

Another pigeon chat platform that is worth mentioning is http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/f113/. Pigeon Talk, as it is more affection ally known to its subscribers, is for any lover of pigeons, as pigeon-chat.com. It provides information on everything, Sick birds, breeding, racing, vets and rescues facilities. Registration is simple and you are open to a world of pigeon lovers just like you.


Both sites are interchangeable, you can’t go wrong with either one of them if you are looking for pigeon chat.

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